Who I Am

My leadership journey really began when I started working for my parents as a young man. They instilled in me a sense of value that prepared me for all that has happened since.

I would say that every good thing and all of the success I have enjoyed is owed to my parents’ willingness to take the time to see my value and then to tell me about it often.

I have learned since then that what they did for me is the very essence of true leadership. It’s the leadership superpower.

It’s a reminder that (in spite of what we’ve been told) leaders are not born, they’re made. This version of leadership goes something like this: Find great and compassionate people who value others and aren’t afraid to say so.

Whatever their background, if they want to love and serve people then they are a candidate for leadership in my organization. Encourage them and give them license to claim the value of others in order to serve a common purpose.

The leaders in my organization do just that and we are all better off in every way.

I and the amazing people I have the privilege of working with have claimed our leadership superpower of loving and serving others. Have you claimed yours?
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