Why do you have difficult conversations?

Episode #7

How Do You Deal With the Elephant in the Room?

If you have ever avoided having a difficult conversation with someone in your organization, join the club. All of us have done it.   

There are a lot of reasons we choose avoidance. Perhaps we are worried about it being awkward; or we doubt our own ability to bring that conversation to a good ending.   

But you simply  have to have the conversation because a lack of clarity is damaging. Uncertainty of any kind in the workplace robs people of their sense of belonging, of experiencing the culture. If your goal as a leader is to love and serve your people to fulfillment, act soon even if it's uncomfortable.

Questions to ponder:

- Think about any place where you and another person lack clarity. What are the reasons you haven’t addressed that to help them (and you) move on?
- How can you have these kinds of conversations so that you both feel you won when you finish the dialogue? 
- What can you do before the conversation even starts to make sure it has the best outcome possible?

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