What is fulfillment?

Episode #6

Are you and those you lead fulfilled in what you do every day?

It is possible to achieve great things while developing into the person you want to become.

Achievement separate from personal development will never lead to fulfillment. Just finishing tasks every day has limited long term value to you and those you lead.

There simply has to be more. 

Why? Because as a leader your main job is to love and serve your people to fulfillment. Every day you should be creating a culture that gives those you lead a chance to not only accomplish great things but to become better people as well. You can’t make that happen, but you can create a workplace that allows it to happen. They have to choose it. You cannot do it for them.

Connect what your people do to who they are becoming. They will remember that long after all the tasks are completed.  


Questions to ponder:

- Are you chasing something that will never bring deep fulfillment?
- Do you value your people for who they are and not just for what they can do for you?
- How will you show up today for those people?
- What do you want your leadership legacy to be?

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