Value Shared Fate Over Crisis

Episode #18

How Do You Lead in a Crisis?

Every leader handles a crisis differently. What are your leadership tendencies when things get difficult? Are you aware of them enough to change them?

For many of us there’s a default to just solving the problem ourselves without sharing that burden with those on our team. When that happens, we are choosing an inferior solution, one that excludes those who really want to help us. And, it keeps us from the best solution that diversity of thought most often brings.

Put the problem out there on the table. Let your people help you solve it. If you do, you will create ownership around that solution and build the community that leads to fulfillment.  

This version of leadership is good for your organization and it’s good for your people.

 Questions to ponder:

- Do you tend to shut down during a crisis and go it alone?

- Are you comfortable presenting problems to your team and letting them help you find a solution?  

- Have you told your team lately how much you appreciate their unique talents and gifts and insights?

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