Guest Interview Part 2 with Gunnar Rogers

Episode #17

Do You Know Your Value?

Too often we use just one yardstick to measure our value: money. But who we are as people - the gifts and talents we possess and our uniqueness - is our real value, especially to those in our closest community.

But most of us have a hard time claiming our true value. Our self-talk makes us feel less-than. Or, our pride makes us feel more-than. Somewhere in the middle is the truth. Finding that truth every day is critical to having the impact we should be having on those around us.

Discovering the truth oftentimes happens in conversations with those who know us best-our families, our friends, our co-workers. Don’t avoid those conversations. In fact, seek them out and find the fulfillment that comes with living out who you are on a daily basis. Be vulnerable and humble. Listen to what they tell you and believe it.

Start believing today that you are enough and embrace the one and only you. 

Questions to ponder:

- Do you know your value?

- More specifically, have you asked those closest to you to tell you your specific value to them?

- Are you living out who you really are on a daily basis?

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