Belief in Your People

Episode #16

What’s Next for Leaders and Their Teams?

It has always been true that a crisis reveals what we believe. Our actions - especially in unsettling times- are dictated by what we believe deep down in our souls. In truth, our beliefs and our actions actually feed each other. They strengthen each other every time we act. Taking action based on what we believe drives the roots of what we believe deeper and makes us stronger for when we face the next crisis. And there will always be another crisis to face somewhere down the road. It’s inevitable.

Covid-19 has forced us all to re-examine what really matters. Many businesses have been temporarily shut down with no revenue streams at all. Panic and self-preservation tells us that we need to cut our losses and save ourselves, whatever that takes.

Times like these should cause us to examine (and re-examine) why we lead in the first place.

Leading people is a privilege. They are our greatest asset. They are better than gold or Bitcoin, or the hottest stock. They are the creative minds that will be there to help us when the economic engines restart. No other asset can do that.

Questions to ponder:

- Why are you in leadership? What is your desired outcome for those you lead?

- Do you really know what you believe and is it an extricable part of your DNA, no matter the circumstance?

- What will you do differently going forward?

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