What’s Your Value?

Episode #15

How Do We Own Our Value?

The past two months have been a time of great upheaval. Things that used to be organized and predictable are now in disarray. There is a feeling that we are in free fall. Many are making the adjustment to working from home. Many have lost jobs. Twenty million people have filed for unemployment. We are all sheltering in place with very little contact with the outside world unless we instigate it.

It is easy in an unprecedented time like this to isolate and question our sense of value. But the truth is, we are all valuable. We all have intrinsic value that doesn’t change because the circumstances have changed.

That’s easy to say and much more difficult to believe on a daily and hourly basis, isn’t it?  

So, how do we own our value and claim it in spite of what is going on around us?

The answer lies, as it often does, in community. Finding people we trust and being vulnerable enough to admit what we are feeling is where the healing begins.

Questions to ponder:

- Do you see your intrinsic value no matter the circumstances?

- Do you have at least one other person you trust enough to be vulnerable with and be open about how you are feeling during this time? 

- Have you reached out to this person (or these people) during the past few weeks or months?

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