Prioritizing Time

Episode #14

How Are You Handling Working From Home?

Most of us have gone from having a structured day to either having no structure at all, or having to map out the day for ourselves. For many, this has not worked out so well. Many people are complaining about not knowing what day it is, or not completing tasks, or just a general feeling of being unproductive.  

So, how do we redeem our time and make the most of it, even in this unprecedented pause?  As with all things, it begins with community and inviting people into your world that will hold you accountable and help you be better in every way.

Chris and Kyle discuss how to develop that community and how to avoid the illusion of community by simply surrounding ourselves with more people.

Questions to ponder:

- How can you avoid the regret that goes along with wasted time?

- Where can you go to find your community? Or, do they find you?

- What do you value? Does your time and schedule reflect those values?

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