The Intentionality of a Leader

Episode #13

What should we as leaders be doing in this time of crisis?

The Coronavirus outbreak has temporarily led to separation from our teams of leaders and those they lead. How can we as leaders use this time to sharpen our skills so that we are better leaders when we reconvene? It’s not possible to walk down the hallway and step into an office and look people in the eye to see how they are really doing.  

Since we don’t know, we are wired to assume and to fill in the blanks, oftentimes with disastrous consequences. False assumptions build barriers. Truth shatters barriers. How can we use this time to hone our ability to NOT make assumptions and, instead, have an open and honest conversation that gets to the truth, no matter how difficult that is to hear?

No one would ever recommend what we are going through. But how we go through it will be everything. We will be in our offices again. What kind of leaders will we be when we get there?

Questions to ponder:

- How should you show up right now for those in your organization that you lead?  

- Have you made assumptions during this time that have turned out to be false?  

- How are you connecting with your team right now to have the open and honest conversations that are necessary for alignment?

Here is the link to Andy Stanley’s video, “When Fear Impacts Your Faith” that Chris mentions in this episode.

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