Invest to Influence

Episode #12

Are You Investing in Others to Influence Them and Have Impact?

Many leaders rely on authority or position to get things done every day. Using only one’s authority to make changes or complete tasks is quick and easy, but can be very unfulfilling.  It says, in essence, that I am ‘more than’. The right kind of influence makes those you lead feel ‘more than’.

Remember that Influence is not about what you say. It’s about what people do after you say it. Influencing others is a privilege, not a right.

You have to invest in people to have true influence. That takes time, focus and effort but it’s worth it if you love your people. It is a powerful and life changing way to lead your organization and your family.

Questions to ponder:

- Are you fulfilled as a leader? Do you have the influence you would like to have with those you lead?

- How do your people need you to invest in them? And, are you carving out the necessary time to accomplish that?

- Are you leading solely from authority or position?

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