The Evolution of the ALT Conference

Episode #11

How to Use Your Excellent Failures to Keep Improving

Co-Hosts Chris and Kyle recount the progression MSB and its affiliates have made through the years toward Alignment.  They remind us that we shouldn’t wait for perfection before we act. Rather we should act, fail, and then use what we learn from our failures to get better and better.

Why is acting so important? Because your people are intrinsically worth it, and doing nothing is not an option.  

Keep striving for fulfillment for yourself and those you lead. As you will hear in this episode, it won’t be a straight line to success. It will be starts and stops and many adjustments along the way to finding fulfillment and building a great culture.

Questions to ponder:

- Are you waiting for perfection before you act?

- Are you always thinking about and evaluating your company culture?  

- Are you learning from your failures and using what you learn to be better next time?  

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