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Episode #10

Do You Know You Are Great? 

It has been said that every single person on the planet can do at least one thing better than ten thousand other people. That means that we all have greatness living in us because of our uniqueness, the way we are wired and the way we see the world. 

Greatness truly thrives when it is channeled toward a purpose.

Being in a community that is comfortable telling you how great you are is vital. Find that community. And, when you do, remember to pay attention to the others in that group and point out their greatness when you see it. You can’t think somebody’s value. You have to speak it.  

Find a place to be great and start thriving.


Questions to ponder:

- Are you comfortable being told how great you are?

- Are you in a community that tells you when they see your greatness?

- Do you tell those you lead how valuable they are? Or, do you just think it?

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