Value Shared Fate Over Crisis

Value Shared Fate Over Crisis

When crisis hits I love to go into problem solving mode. My natural tendency is to jump in and begin fixing things. In fact, I’ve prided myself on my ability to find a solution quickly. However, in my excitement to conquer the crisis, I tend to isolate myself. 

My response to crisis can be seen as admirable–out of instinct to provide and protect. And while I may have solved the current crisis; I am left with no one to relish in the glory with.

At the time it feels easier to do it all alone rather than bringing my community along with me on the journey. But all it leaves me with is loneliness, anxiety, and regret. That’s not to say that my initial instinct of problem solving is a bad thing. In times of crisis you still need to find a solution, but you need to find it with your people. 

Make an early invitation for your people to join you in the problem solving process. There can be a fear that you will appear weak or incapable if you go to your team without a solution, but in reality you get to extend amazing value to the people around you. Value your people enough to allow them to help you. The more minds you pull together, the more ideas you can create, the more likely it is for the best idea to win. 

Create a space where your people feel comfortable sharing ideas and problem solving alongside you. Open up a dialogue before you are attached to your own ideas. You want them to have ownership of the best idea rather than just complying with your idea. 

Ownership is the path to fulfillment – it solves the problem of loneliness. 

In this time of crisis continue to lean into your people. You will be surprised by how much they can help you and you can help them.

- Chris Meroff