Unity - The Silver Lining

Unity - The Silver Lining

It has been an unsettling past few weeks, hasn’t it? Everything that we know (or thought we knew) has been affected in some way by an invisible disease.  


For those of us who own and run businesses it has been humbling. One day, we are doing what we do and all is well. The next, the office doors are closed and we have to figure out how to not only survive but thrive in the new normal.


I can think of easier ways to get humility, but the truth is, however we get it, it’s not a bad thing. When things are going smoothly it’s easy to just do the status quo and think we have it all figured out, right? But when the ground begins to move under our feet we realize that there might be a few things we don’t know after all. It’s a huge dose of humility. 


The big question is what do we do with opportunities like these?  


As leaders, we sometimes put up a false front so that our people will think that we have it all together. Right now, that is mostly impossible. Your people know better than that. They get that you are desperately trying to figure out a way forward, and they would really like to help you, if you’ll let them.


Moments like these can create great team unity. It really is all for one and one for all. Everybody wants to feel needed and they want to contribute to the cause, whatever that cause may be.


As crazy as it sounds, this crisis could be the greatest driver of team unity in our lifetimes, if we handle it right. And there’s energy in unity that you can literally feel. In spite of being separated into our “shelters”, communication

among your team members will get better. People are comfortable saying what they really feel and telling each other what they need rather than being afraid to be open and honest about it.


So, when you get on that next Zoom call with your team, be transparent. Go ahead and say aloud that you are struggling, if you are. Ask for help. Your people will appreciate your honesty and transparency, and an amazing thing will happen. They will roll up their shirt sleeves and dive in to help you.


Stay strong and encouraged.

- Chris Meroff