Uncharted Waters 

 Uncharted Waters 

Today, our country and our world find ourselves in uncharted waters. The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc and changing our daily routines. The stock market is tumbling and financial markets in general are reeling. People are lining up in front of the grocery story every morning like it’s 1929. 

I am spending a lot of time observing because that’s what I do. I am a problem solver by nature and solving a problem requires that you know all of the issues you face, as much as possible. As of this morning, March 26, 2020, I can make three observations that I hope will be helpful and encouraging: 

  1. We will get through this. 


  1. We have to be careful about how we handle ourselves during this time and how we treat others. Kindness and being others-centered will allow this short-term crisis to build long term relationships that last, long after the virus is gone. 

  1. It is a great time to be an entrepreneur and I think the problem will ultimately be solved by someone who is very comfortable navigating in uncharted waters-an entrepreneur or a team of entrepreneurs.  

Keep observing. Keep looking out for your neighbors. 

Connect. Don’t disconnect. 

The people around you in your families and your organizations need you more than ever. And, the truth is that looking out for others is good for us as well.   

Stay encouraged.

- Chris Meroff