Structuring Life towards Purpose

Structuring Life towards Purpose

Structuring life can be challenging. Especially when things are changing at a rapid pace both professionally and personally. Believe it or not, I too am a creature of habit. I have a morning, day, and night regime that I followed more than I knew. 

Recently, as with many of you, my days started to look different. Without realizing it, routine had become a comfort of mine. I fell victim to cruising through life and missing opportunities to be in the driver seat. 

Structuring life to me, means applying intentionality in all the things you decide to do and not do—not establishing routines. While routines can be helpful, they should not be what drives your day. Purpose should provide you with all the structure you need. But purpose comes at a cost.When you choose to sleep in, what are you sacrificing? When you choose one zoom call over another, what is the sacrifice? When you have to say no to something, to say yes to another, what is the sacrifice?

Be intentional and remember your purpose - Purpose should be the driving force behind all of our decisions. We don’t want to be controlled by our selfish desires, we want to be moved by our passions towards a shared purpose. This is difficult, it requires discipline. Discipline to wake up each morning, reflect on the day ahead, and choose purpose to lead you and your people.

- Chris Meroff