Invest in Your People

Invest in Your People

I’ve defined leadership as loving and serving others and that has led me to have a strong belief in my people. Over the years I’ve come to realize that belief is the only thing strong enough to cause action. 

Employing people doesn’t give you permission to control them. It gives you the privilege to invest in them. Give your people a place they want to belong to and a purpose they want to fight for. If you don’t, they will leave. You want people on your side for the long haul not just for the sake of staying employed. 

Now is the time to double down on your investment in your people. I’m hearing conversations about investing in gold or bitcoin but my money is going to the one asset that is irreplaceable—people. Because when we get out of this, whatever normal looks like, I am going to need the people that are around me today around me tomorrow. 

Align. Lead. Thrive.

- Chris Meroff