During these uncertain times of social unrest and clear injustice, we must remember that every human being has intrinsic value. 

Even when I don’t agree with their belief system. 

Even when I don’t condone their behavior.

Even when I don’t understand them. 

Love people. Be angry with injustice. We were created as emotional beings.  I believe I can be angry at injustice while  still respecting and honoring people.

Every human being has value. They have unique hopes, preferences, traditions, experiences and beliefs that can help inform my worldview. When I pre-determine that a person has nothing to offer my worldview, I clearly state that they don’t have any value. How sad. How arrogant. How disrespectful. 

We need to first seek to understand other people’s worldview. We don’t need to agree with it, just understand it. We don’t need to condemn it, just empathize with it. We don’t need to conform to it, just celebrate it. Celebrate that person’s value. 

Fight injustice, not people. 

I have a tendency to fight for the underdog. Call it an overactive paternal instinct, but I get angry when I fear that someone is being treated unfairly. Unfortunately, that anger has not always been directed towards the injustice. When I direct that anger at the person who committed the injustice, it never yields a change in that person’s worldview. Instead, I give them an excuse to get defensive. When I direct my anger towards the injustice, I give the person a better chance to examine their own perspective on the world. 

I can’t take responsibility for other people’s sometimes broken worldview, but I can love them. I can teach them. I can be a valuable informer to a new and improved worldview. 

Love. Value. Injustice. Not an easy road to navigate, but well worth the time to explore how to do this well. 

- Chris Meroff