How to Leverage Beliefs towards Purpose

How to Leverage Beliefs towards Purpose

Belief is the only thing strong enough to start wars. When you fully believe in something it should inspire you to take action. I want my employees and the people that I work with to believe in our company's purpose enough to be motivated towards action. 

Set a purpose that you pursue constantly. The purpose should be established as a team and something that everyone believes in and commits to. At times we can lose track of our purpose, when this happens go back to your belief and that should remind you of your purpose. 

In order to make this practical you need to ensure that everyone on your team is able to connect their belief to that purpose. That’s how you leverage belief towards purpose. You need to tap into people’s beliefs so you can give them the strength of will to keep going through whatever challenge or crisis you may face. 

Ask yourself and your team these questions: 

“What do you believe in?” 

“Does that belief inspire action?” 

If you aren’t able to fully answer these questions, seek to live out alignment and recognize what you and your people believe in.  Speak value into yourself and others and use their beliefs to better shape your culture. You can then leverage that collective culture back into reaching your purpose. 

Tap into people's beliefs. Let that shape your culture. Never lose sight of your purpose. Then finally, leverage your team’s beliefs to arrive at your destination.


-Chris Meroff 

- Chris Meroff