Entrepreneurship and Generosity

Entrepreneurship and Generosity

Throughout our history, entrepreneurs have been problem solvers. Yes, there is sometimes a profit motive for solving those problems but sometimes there is just the heartfelt need to help in any way possible. 

Just this week a small company that manufactures about 150 ventilators a month said that they could make 1000 ventilators a month if they could partner with someone who specializes in mass production and assembly lines. 

Enter Ford Motor Company. These two very different companies are now teaming up to mass produce much needed ventilators. The small company had the technology. The big company had the assembly lines. A match made in heaven, right? 

I hoped that this type of collaboration would happen throughout this crisis. Businesses of all areas of expertise coming together. Entrepreneurs get a bad rap sometimes for being too greedy. But many of us care deeply about our country, our community and those we work with. The truth is, we are better together and the more we can join forces the more likely we are to come out of this stronger than before. 

We have been blessed with great resources in our people and don't want to see them sit on the sidelines. We are doing all we can to jump in and help.

- Chris Meroff