5 Traits That Make Up Your Worldview

5 Traits That Make Up Your Worldview

For many years, leaders have been encouraged to create a healthy and vibrant culture in their organizations. But, the true definition of culture has been something of a moving target.

If culture is for people, then culture needs to be made up of people. Culture, for my organization, is the sum of the worldviews of all of my employees. Whether you have two or five-hundred people in a room, when you add them all together, the sum of all of their worldviews equals a culture. 

Now that we’ve established that culture is the sum of our worldviews we need to define what a worldview is. I define a worldview with five traits: 

  1. Hopes
  2. Preferences 
  3. Traditions 
  4. Experiences 
  5. Beliefs 

I like to dive deep into somebody's worldview and get to know and understand them. If I can comprehend why they're showing up the way they're showing up it gives me some insight on how to meet them where they’re at. The point of creating a culture isn’t to change their worldview, it’s to create a space where they can feel known, heard, and valued.

A very practical way for me to get to know my people is through asking questions. This isn’t my natural tendency, but as a leader who is trying to love and serve his people towards fulfillment I’ve found that this is an easy way for me to understand who they are. This has resulted in my people feeling more confident and comfortable being able to live within their worldview in the workplace. When you let your people’s worldviews define the culture you create a space where  your people feel safe to be themselves. 

- Chris Meroff