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“Chris Meroff’s terrific new book, ‘Align’, reminds us that all great leaders have one thing in common: They know it’s not really about them. It’s about others. And anyone can learn to lead with others in mind. This book can teach you how. ‘Align’ is sure to be the handbook for the next generation of great leaders.”
- Jay Coughlan, Former CEO of Lawson Software and co-author of Five Bold Choices
"At the heart of a great leader worth following, you will find a heart for people. Chris Meroff is that type of leader!  His heart is filled with generosity for people, which I have witnessed and experienced personally for almost twenty years. It doesn't matter what type of organization you find yourself leading—non profit, for profit, business or public sector—inevitably your success as a leader will rise and fall on how well you can lead the people of the organization.  In his new book Align, you will find practical tools to help you create an organizational culture that helps people to thrive first, and in return your organization will thrive also. I wholeheartedly believe this book will help you to create a culture you can be proud of and more importantly enrich the lives of those you lead."
- Jason Perkins, Pastor at Creekside Church and Director of Australian Partner Church Network
“Vision, purpose, and mission statements are crucial for any organization, but what good are they if everyone in the organization isn’t aligned to them? Chris Meroff understands this truth and has created a culture of alignment within his own ventures. He can help you infuse this same culture into your organization.”
- Kenneth Camp, Author and Leadership Consultant
“From the moment you walk into Chris Meroff’s company and interact with anyone there, you know that something different is going on. There’s joy, and dare I say it…Love. His new book, Align explains how and why, not from a theoretical view, but from on the ground in a real company with real people who are happy and very profitable. Every organization wants this kind of culture. Chris can show you how.”
- Dennis Welch, president of articulāte PR and communications
“I hold Chris in high regard as I have been witness to him not only building a thriving and respectable business, but also equipping and guiding individual members of his team in their personal and professional pursuits. I am continually inspired by his motivation to ensure his customers are receiving the best products and services. Chris has not only created a thriving and successful enterprise, but he has done so while greatly enriching the lives of the people who cross his path.”
- Darren Johnson, Co-Founder and VP of
Business Development for Seas Education
“Rarely do you meet someone that is this competent to lead and is also this confident to lead and also as comfortable as Chris is. When I see Chris with his people, he strives to help them grow into their potential, and that is rare. I've been around leadership for many, many years, and I teach leadership. Chris is at the top of the heap.”
- Col. Howard Short, USAF, retired
“Leading is so much about relationships. When you’re a leader, it’s all about influencing, and you can’t influence without having a relationship, and Chris is a master of that.”
- Cyndi Short, Ed.D. executive director of special education at Clear Creek ISD
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